Chinese Medicine


What is Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine uses a wide range of holistic health therapies to treat the mind and body. It includes acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, therapeutic massage, diet, tai chi, qi gong, and much more.

While Chinese medicine has its roots in ancient times (at least 2500 years ago!), it has been updated over the years and is now often integrated with other healthcare approaches across the globe.

Is Chinese Medicine Safe?

While the specific side effects and risks will depend on the patient and the treatment they’re getting, Chinese medicine—when performed by a trained practitioner—is generally safe.

The most important thing is that you go to a trusted practitioner who is well-trained in Chinese medicine. They will be sure to discuss your specific symptoms and needs. They will look at your medical history, risk factors, and health conditions to make sure they provide the right treatment for you. A good practitioner does everything they can to ensure safe and effective natural medicine therapies.

If you go to an untrained practitioner, you might be offered treatments, herbs, and supplements that are risky, unsanitary, or prone to complications. Be very careful about who you accept care from, and do not try to use Chinese medicine yourself without the supervision of a professional. In addition, it is not recommended to replace conventional care with Chinese medicine. Rather, you should use it alongside other treatments for medical problems, as a way to accelerate healing or reduce pharmaceutical use. Always use Chinese medicine under the supervision of your health care providers—this ensures safe, coordinated care.

Benefits of Chinese Medicine

With its holistic approach, Chinese medicine offers benefits to the entire being—mind, body, and soul. The same treatment can address both your physical ailments and your mental wellbeing, so it’s very efficient. You can address your specific health concerns and improve your general, overall health at the same time.


Chinese medicine has many benefits: reducing inflammation in the body, helping with muscle strength and recovery, providing mental health benefits, increasing immune response, relieving stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, enhancing athletic performance, relieving chronic pain, and so much more. It all depends on the specific treatments you get.


Another benefit of Chinese medicine is that most treatments have few to no side effects. Pharmaceutical medicines have side effects that can range from inconvenient to extremely serious. But some Chinese medicine therapies, like tai chi, medical massage, and cupping, have virtually no risks involved when performed correctly.


Some Chinese medicine therapies may be covered by your insurance, particularly if they have been prescribed to you by your physician. This is a great benefit for anyone looking for a complementary medicine approach.


Natural Medicine for Holistic Health

If you’re interested in natural medicine and holistic health, a Chinese medicine practitioner is a great resource. A trusted, trained Chinese medicine provider can work with you and your physician to accelerate healing and provide relief from a wide variety of mental and physical conditions.

Herbal medicine is a proven treatment for a wide range of ailments, and this natural approach to health is more balanced than over-the-counter prescriptions: Oriental herbal medicine does not create any harsh side effects.

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